Boxes & Enclosures

About Boxes & Enclosures

A handmade box or other enclosure is completely customized to the items you want to store in it: photographs, family treasures, valuable books, and other objects that need a sturdy, secure home.

Clamshell Box 

The top tray of the clamshell box folds over and completely covers the bottom tray so the item inside is completely covered and protected. Clamshell boxes can be covered in paper, cloth, or a combination. This box is labeled on the spine or front board.

The tray of the box can be divided so that multiple items can be stored in one box.


A slipcase protects a book while allowing the book’s spine to be visible on the shelf. Slipcases are custom made to fit their books and can be covered in paper or cloth.

Drop Spine Box

A drop spine box has one tray to hold items and a lid that wraps around the bottom and top of the tray.